How we Make our Stickers

How we Make our Stickers

This is how we make our handmade quality vinyl stickers. As someone who values quality over all the process is and quality control is key to making stickers that are not only fashionable but also functional.

The first step of the process is to create the design of the sticker. This is as of now done only by Alisa Chung, she takes sketches or ideas from her sketchbook and finds interesting ways to make them into a usable sticker, since not all sketches make good stickers sometimes they need to be reworked. The sketches are then scanned into a digital format and digitally coloured, this way she can choose the best colour scheme for every sticker, the colours are all up to self-expression and she just goes by feel. A true expert doesn’t need to think much about their craft.

The next step is to clean up and finalize the sticker with the prototyping phase, this is when the design is finalized through back and forth of readjusting colours for the printer and printing the design. There can be many things that go wrong with the production process, some of them are: The colours don’t come out well, and the cutter machine can’t cut it well or accurately. Or the sticker lacks rigidity. These can all be things that go wrong with the process and the prototype phase is meant to iron out all the issues that can happen when you go into full production.

The final step is the production phase. This is where all the parts of the sticker are finalized, and we can go into manufacturing the stickers in-house. They are handmade so we have to manually apply the laminate and be involved in every part of the production process, but this ensures that the quality is consistent. First of all, we use high-quality sticker vinyl paper, we know because we tested a bunch and the one we picked is the best we can get our hands on. The next step is to print the sticker, this is where the prototyping phase comes in handy, the colours should come out accurate right from the printhead to the page. The next step is to add a layer of cold-press laminate to the stickers. This ensures they are waterproof and last for a long time. And finally, the cutting, the prototyping phase is where we make sure the cutter can cut the stickers smoothly and accurately so at this point it's just managing to fit as many stickers as possible onto one sheet of vinyl to reduce waste.

And finally, they are complete, this is how we make sure our stickers come out as great quality every single time. Please enjoy your stickers!

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